These newly arrived vintage pieces would make for a great outfit! All in the shop! //
09.08.14 /07:40/ 3
Yesterday I photographed several pairs of shoes, here’s a preview! A few will be arriving in the shop today!
08.30.14 /10:32/ 8
Pretty millinery details in absolutely delightful hues!
08.18.14 /12:28/ 12
Of course I was equally gleeful upon finding a stash of #victoriamagazine! This feature is all about family portraits styled in 19th century paintings. I mean What!? That is so awesome!!! Also her entire ensemble is antique besides the hat and belt. This is from the December 1988 issue and the holiday decor ideas and table settings just make me dizzy with happiness.
08.16.14 /08:45/ 1
And two elegant neckline details on silk satin #1930s wedding dresses also found yesterday.
08.16.14 /08:25/ 5
And silk/satin bedroom slippers from the 30s/40s. These need a little visit to the shoe doctor, but then they’ll be especially splendid again!
08.16.14 /08:14/ 8
Found not one, but two high waist 1940s shorts overalls yesterday and so over the moon about them!
08.16.14 /08:04/ 14
These flowers in this vase on this marble table immediately caught my eye and I’m storing this away for future shop inspiration.
08.15.14 /16:47/ 36
coming soon… This 1940s dress has the sort of movement you want to dance in all night and the green hue is a rare one.
08.13.14 /19:15/ 8
Green leather leaf appliqué and matching belt on this late 30s dress arriving in the shop tomorrow!
08.13.14 /13:22/ 13
Listened to a podcast this morning about the Wizard of Oz and that’s what’s inspiring today’s shop update!
08.13.14 /10:51/ 45
It’s so warm out that by the time I took this photo most of these were dry already! But I’m leaving em out a little longer letting the sun work it’s bleaching magic!
08.11.14 /12:52/ 47
95% packed and I’m both very weary and strangely energized because we are so close to being done! This one hat I have is too big for any box so I guess I’ll wear it on the drive up to Portland!
07.29.14 /14:04/ 449
One of the prettiest kimonos from the late 20s early 30s I’ve come across… she’s already taken but won’t you just pay her a little visit in the shop anyway? /
07.28.14 /14:09/ 32
Edited photos of this darling #1950s blouse yesterday and wanted to share the sweet details.
07.24.14 /09:46/ 23
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